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I was born Osron Oscar Samuel in the 17/08/68
My mother said I didn’t want to be born and refused the breast causing her to have to have her milk drained before becoming septic.
Too add it was a stormy night full of floods as an infant aged Five.
I refused to join in plays as they wanted me to play being a seed I protested shouting I was a real boy, one of the schooIs attented was uplands primary school where I was cained so hard by Mr Robinson till my blackened bruised legs could not carry me home this child abuser had an assortment of well adorned sticks of various widths and lengths to tickle his sadistic nature, one of the country’s first black head masters I might add who later went on to be a senetor in the USA before snuffing it with no tears from me.
I learnt to fight on Highfields estate mostly because it was fun but it served me well at Oakham primary school in the countryside being tho only other black child for miles I then moved to Mayflower primary school were I beat four boys single handed after Being attacked for playing with Muslims whose religion untill enquiring and embracing aged nine I knew nothing about I would later fight on the senior school Crown Hills sport fields at dinner times then head back to Mayflower to welcomed applause and a pat on the head from the odd teacher at the gate
Whilst at mayflower, after much prompting I achieved a one page poem called the tramp
Which I have added to this collection.

I am a man from the East Midlands or Middle earth, As Leicester is the Golden /geographical Meme of England. I started writing 27 years ago, but gave up when my digital organiser malfunctioned wiping out my favorite poem about black jesus. After becoming remanded at Doncaster Premiere catogary A prison in the year 2000 only to lose two well loved poems when being forcibly moved to the Beruit Wing a couple of years after I was given a life sentence I started writing again mostly without realising poetry was an art and novels had grammar and punctuation rules being anti establishment I didn’t care much for comformity and fearing I would lose a certain truth because of this affront to expression I ploded on and although I have gained a Tefl English teaching certificate I still predominantly write as I think and feel although I can now appreciate why English is tutorially structured.
I hope you will like my abstract style of writing And the realism and at times the humour.
Indeed I hope the socio political and historic value will be a welcome breath of fresh air as too often fuddy duddy pretentious poems and prose also got up my nose and for the most part they stiil do However I found writing to be my comfort and escapism.

What I bring to this artistic expression is a look into flat earth with a different spin and narrative from the mundane political correct tripe and spiel recurgitated by the press and general public to the “race card”, cliche pulled out every time race is mentioned in this book I pull know punches and give a voice to what many of us think but are too scared to say.
Hence the title Your World My Mind


    Listen to a small selection of poems

    by Sam The Word


    Your World My Mind


    This book is not for your pretentious fuddy duddy or politically correct bafoon it is mixture of my untamed thoughts and honesty find in it love laughter tears and pain which kept me sane during 18 + years of imprisonment escape with me then accomplice of Mr Samuel A6900AG


    Every poem is unique, crafted, designed to penetrate the heart of the reader. His use of rhythm, rhyme and tone is like Bob Marley’s reggae music, it is highly charged, heartfelt conveying hard truth demanding a reaction. Sam the Word is Poet extraordinaire – once you’ve eaten and digested his poems: you’ll hunger for more.

    9th June 2023

    Mary Oyediran

    International Writers Network Nearfm90.3

    I’ve known Sam the word for over 30 years but wasn’t aware that this amazing creative side ever existed. Such an eye opener to see this talented side to him, . The way he writes and paints that picture in your mind, showing the depth and overstanding of the story. Then you hear the delivery of his poems which is on a whole other level. I think he’s definitely one to watch out for.

    It’s such a pleasure to have Sam publish his amazing work through Golden Child Promotions Publishing. I’m so looking forward to see what else he’s got up bring to the table. I got a good feeling that his work will be received well

    8th May 2023



    Wow this is amazing!!!!!!! well put and informative…. would be nice if all intro’s were like this

    4th January 2023

    Amatullah Clarke

    What I bring to this artistic expression is a look into flat earth with a different spin and narrative from the mundane political correct tripe and spiel recurgitated by the press and general public to the "race card"



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